Increase Your Sales With
Vacation Incentives & Hotel

Give Away unlimited dream vacations
to your leads and BVIRAL

We deliver loyalty as a profit not as a cost


Want to Sell More?

Businesses that use our incentives in their marketing efforts see a 30% or better increase in sales. Give as referral gifts, with a purchase, for responding to your direct mail offers, among many other creative ways.

What can you do to generate more sales, higher dollar sales and to increase repeat sales?

Give your prospects another reason to buy. There’s a better way to prompt prospects to take a desired action, whether it’s to visit your showroom, open a new account or buy a premium item. In addition to the high quality products and services you provide, give them a compelling reason to act today.

Use Incentives With The Highest Perceived Value

Which do you think is going to be more effective as a sales incentive, a coffee mug or a vacation? For the same price as a t-shirt or a restaurant voucher you could be giving away a great vacation.

There is absolutely no performance incentive on earth that motivates like travel! Everybody wants a vacation!

Travel Incentive Certificates have become the most successful and cost efficient sales closing tools. Our high perceived value vacation perks move your target audience to take the action you want, catapulting sales, floor traffic, ad response, closing ratios, referral programs and employee production.

No matter how your retail business operates, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store, online, or a hybrid of both, a promotion with an Bviral travel incentive can help you boost sales. It’s the great sense of value and the unique nature of a travel promotion that really makes it stand out from other offers.

How we help you retain and engage
with your customers?

Everyone shares the same challenges, don’t increase your prices, rise the value of Your business by rewarding your clients!


Build your brand recognition, with Bviral we give you the opportunity to add value to your company like the big brands


Set your company apart from the competition and Engage with your customers


Your customers are the key to your business, Bviral exclusive system allow you to Share Unlimited Vacation Incentives with all your leads and multiply your conversions


Loyalty is a science, Takeover your industry converting your customers in your first brand advocates and become the #1 Trend in your location


Boost Response Rates To Your Existing Ads

Add a simple tagline to all your ads “Contact us today and receive a complimentary $100 Hotel GIFT card, No Purchase Necessary!”

Get More New Customers

Now that you have generated a new lead go ahead and offer a higher valued incentive like our $250 HOTEL GIFT CARD persuade them to purchase today vs tomorrow!

Increase Repeat & Referral Business

You now have a reason to contact all of your past clients to remind them about your products & services with a 7 Night Resort Getaway to motivate them to buy again!

Boost Your Referral Business

Offer a $100 Wine Voucher or even our Two Night Bahama Cruise to entice your customers to send you a referral and then watch your referral business soar!



Download PDF certificates to print and physically hand them out or mail them to your customers.


Email E-Certificates to your customers individually and in bulk with just one click.


Send certificates through text messaging with just one click.

Travel Incentives are a great marketing
idea as customers remember their
travel experience for years to come,
and help to generate referrals and
repeat business.

  • Marketing Departments
  • Automotive
  • Home Improvements
  • Credit Unions
  • General Retail
  • Real Estate
  • Jewelry Store
  • Furniture
  • Delivery companies
  • Telemarketing
  • E-commerce
  • Insurance
  • Network marketing
  • Coffee shops
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Trade

And many more!

Know Any Businesses That Could Benefit
Using Incentives To Bring In More Customers?
Earn up to 50% RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS as an