Travel Certificates – How It Works

Successful companies have learned the power of adding value (travel certificates) to their products and services with Bviral. All goods and services have implied consumer value. What’s yours?

Do not make the costly mistake of cutting your prices to move products. Whether you sell lawn mowers, luggage, computers or financial products, adding value is the most reliable method to making more sales. Add value with Bviral vacation incentives and you will generate higher profit margins. You will sell more products more often and at higher prices.

Do you want to:

  • Make more appointments?
  • Energize your call centers?
  • Improve direct mail response?
  • Increase circulation?
  • Increase web site traffic and attract more visitors to your store?

We make it extremely affordable for any business, large or small, to cost-effectively utilize our vacation certificates. Instead of having to purchase them individually as other companies require, with our company you only pay a monthly fee to join Bviral which allows you to print and give out an unlimited number of certificates on a monthly basis. Whether you need 100 or 1,000,000, you will quickly come to see that it’s considerably less than paying for each one individually.

Would you like to:

  • Prompt your clients to make a decision?
  • Close more high-ticket products or services?
  • Encourage your most profitable customers to buy again?

Once you have got a prospect in your showroom or on the phone and they understand how your product or service can help them, you want to close the deal before they lose focus or wander off to look at the competition. When you use Bviral travel incentives it makes it hard for your customers to say “no.”

Vacation incentives have a high-perceived value. To increase the efficiency of your sales and your closing rates, integrate our incentives into your sales promotions and you will increase sales.

With Bviral travel incentives you can:

  • Exceed your sales goals.
  • Sell more accessories, extended warranties.
  • Open more investment accounts or promote closeout inventories.

Businesses who use these certificate incentives in their marketing & promotions see at least a 30% increase in sales. Use the certificates in all your promotions that include online, newspaper ads, single copy inserts, telemarketing, retention department and direct mail offers for both new and previous customers.

Simply incorporate our travel certificates into your regularly scheduled advertising program and easily make your campaign unique. The perceived value of these vacation certificates will produce an amazing response from recipients.

Discover How Promotional Giveaways Can Help You Grow Your Business – No Matter What Product or Service You Sell.

What is the key to opening the door to new customers, bigger sales and more repeat sales? It’s motivating prospects to come in to your showroom, respond to your ads, your mailings and to contact you. I’m sure you know this, the question is how?

How do you get prospects to take action to become first time and repeat clients. If you want to catch a fish you need good bait. If you want to attract prospects and keep them coming back, the same is true. You could offer them a coffee cup or a pen or a free test drive. All are nice, but nowhere near as compelling as offering someone a free vacation.